ToteScan® Co-Branded Packs

ToteScan® co-branded packs give you the edge in your business marketing campaigns for your customer pop-bys or promotional materials. Who can benefit from effective brand marketing? Real Estate Agents, Home Builders, Moving Companies, Insurance Companies, and anyone else that wants to take their branding to the next level.

Each ToteScan® co-branded label sheet pack provides the following:

Details of the ToteScan® co-branded pack:

1) Sample ToteScan® co-branded packaging top sheet

All ToteScan® label sheet packs are held in a resealable clear cello style plastic packaging. The top sheet is always visible, and is comprised of the main ToteScan® pack info along with your co-branded imagery/content. We have a standard template (shown in the example), but can also work with your marketing department on a more branded top sheet. With the standard template, or the more in-depth custom co-branding, we will work with you on the necessary images/content.

The packaging used for the co-branded pack has a hanging tab included for easy storage/access by your customer. Since it is easily resealable, you can always add additional pages or content of your own to your packs once you receive them.

2) Sample ToteScan® branded QR code label

This is an example of a co-branded ToteScan® label sheet, along with an enlarged view of an individual co-branded label. Each ToteScan® sheet is unique, with no two labels the same across the entire ToteScan® ecosystem. The center of the ToteScan® label is designated for your specific branding/imagery. The labels are black & white, and the center image can be either black & white or greyscale.

The co-branded label is great brand reinforcement for you, as these labels are visible on your customer's boxes, totes, or other containers.

3) In-app digital branded ad banner

Co-branded packs also enable* an in-app ad banner for your marketing and branding outreach. When your customer scans or views your co-branded ToteScan® labels (totes), your ad banner will appear in their ToteScan® app. You can customize the content of this graphic, as well as the website it points to when tapped, along with the phone number for which the customer can reach you. You can also define the same or different phone number to be reached by text message.

The ad banner image, website link and phone number(s) can all be updated easily by contacting us.

*The in-app banner will be visible for 1 year after your last purchase of co-branded packs. This date extension will apply to all of your previously purchase co-branded packs, so as long as you are purchasing additional ToteScan packs, we will k


There is a 10 pack minimum purchase of co-branded packs. If you need larger quantities in excess of 100 or your entire office/brokerage would like to purchase the packs in bulk please contact us for exclusive pricing.

Once we have all graphic/imagery submitted and approved, we typically manufacture and ship your co-branded packs within 3-5 business days. All sales are final with custom co-branded packs.

Next Steps

When you are ready to take your personal branding to the next level, and start handing out co-branded ToteScan packs to your customers, contact us