With ToteScan® you can easily itemize your storage totes, containers and boxes to help you quickly find the things you need.

ToteScan works by scanning official ToteScan® labels that are individually connected with your account, and by affixing them to your totes and containers, you can easily scan and add items that you place into the containers. Once entered, you can use the built-in text search capability to find totes by name, individual item name, description, or keyword.

Let ToteScan® help you organize your storage totes and containers, so you can finally find your stuff!


  • Itemize the contents of your totes and containers with title, description, quantity and location.
  • Attach multiple pictures to each item for quick identification and review within the app.
  • Optionally scan an item's barcode, pre-populate title and image, when adding items to totes.
  • Search by any number of methods, such as tote name, item title, description, or keyword.
  • Share a common account with family members.
  • Supports multiple profiles to categorize collections and share with family members.
  • No monthly fees or subscriptions to use ToteScan!

iOS App

Android App

ToteScan® Labels

ToteScan® labels are the heart of the ToteScan® system. You place ToteScan® labels onto your totes, containers or boxes and easily itemize their contents using the ToteScan® app.