With ToteScan®, organizing your storage totes, containers, and boxes becomes effortless, enabling you to locate your belongings quickly.

ToteScan operates by scanning unique ToteScan® labels linked to your account, allowing you to scan and add items to your labeled totes and containers. Once recorded, you can utilize the integrated text search feature to locate items by tote name, specific item name, description, or keyword. Let ToteScan® streamline the organization of your storage totes and containers, making it easier for you to locate your belongings.

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Where do I use ToteScan®?

ToteScan no stress moving

ToteScan organize your garage storage

ToteScan for your small business inventory

ToteScan in disaster recovery insurance claim

ToteScan® mobile app Overview

Use the free ToteScan app, along with our ToteScan labels, on your iOS/Android/Chromebook device

ToteScan overview

ToteScan® Product Line

We offer a variety of intelligent label products, all powered by our industry leading ToteScan® QR code technology

ToteScan Product Line